Edition of 950 Size 16 x 24"unframed

An Alaskan bush pilot guides his DeHavilland Beaver over the Tokasitna Glacier into the heart of Denali's Southeast face. Getting up-close and personal gives visitors a true appreciation of the immense proportions of Mt. McKinley and the difficulties climbers face in reaching its summit.

The DeHavilland Beaver is considered by many to be the best bush plane ever built. With its all metal construction, high-lift wing, and flap configuration, the Beaver has excellent short take off and landing capability even with heavy loads. It was designed to operate on skis, wheels or floats. The beaver shown in this picture has wheels and skis for airstrip or glacier take off and landings. Over 1,600 Beaver aircraft were built between 1947-1967 in Canada, more than any other aircraft designed and manufactured in Canada. This popular plane is affectionately called the "half-ton truck with wings".

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