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What It Means To Register A Print                                                                                           

After purchasing your limited-edition photographic print, you may wish to register it. A database of all registered prints is kept by Johnny Johnson Photography as a service to his customers. Registration provides the customer with the assurance that even after an edition has  sold-out their print can still be replaced in the event it becomes damaged. Or if your print is stolen we will have a record of the print number. Over the years many customers have contacted us after print damage or theft and because these customers registered their prints we were able to assist them quickly.

How To Register Your Print

With every limited-edition print there is a registry card enclosed. This registration card can be mailed in or you can register online by filling out the information below including:

Subject          :  Print Registration

Text box         : Your Full Mailing Address (example:  123 Main St. Normal, IL 61790)

                       : Your Print Name (example:  "United We Stand")

                       : Your Print Number  (example:  #200/950)     


If you would like to receive a copy of your email must login first, here is the link to login



If you provide your telephone number, we will also be happy to call you back.