Edition of 950 16" x 24" unframed

After being out of print for over a decade, I have decided to release the remaining two hundred numbers of "Spirit of Denali"

Taken with my 300mm lens near Thorofare Pass, I have always loved the power, color, and sheer scale of this once-in-a-lifetime shot. The bull caribou is at about 4,000 feet in elevation approximately twenty miles from Mt. McKinley and almost 16,000 feet lower than the north peak (19,470). The south peak (true summit 20,320) is obscured by storm clouds. Climbers follow the Muldrow glacier (lower right) up Karstens Ridge (left of Great Harper glacier & icefall) to the summit. The temperature difference between the mountain's peak and this caribou could top 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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