Edition of 450 Size 16" x 24" unframed

To make this photo of an emperor penguin rookery, nestled on the fast ice between huge tabular icebergs, I traveled by Russian icebreaker through the Indian Ocean from Capetown-South Africa to Perth-Australia. During this 7000 mile, five week voyage I photographed several colonies of emperor penguins along Antarctica's wild and rarely visited eastern coastline.

Emperor penguins breed on sea-ice, in the coldest conditions endured by any bird. The juveniles are carried out to sea as the ice breaks into floes. Fully independent, the young must moult to the diving plumage of an adult coat before their ice floe disintegrates, dumping them into the sea to dive for their own fish. In this picture some chicks have begun to moult to adult plumage - can you spot them?

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