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As 'keepers' of the light', Denali and her family of lesser peaks reflect the last rays of the setting sun in the pristine waters of Wonder Lake. Located at the end of the Denali National Park road, the lake at sunset is a magical place. Inky shadows envelope the lowlands, while Denali and her sister peaks take on a shade of melted pearl. The spreading silence is like a drumbeat-broken from time to time by the cry of a loon or the distant call of a wolf.

My favorite poet must have been thinking of this place when he wrote:

There where the livid tundras keep their tryst
with the tranquil snows;
There where the silences are spawned,
and the light of hell-fire flows
Into the bowl of the midnight sky,
violet, amber and rose.

by Robert Service "The Heart of the Sourdough"

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