Regular Edition of 450 with 45 artist proofs - SOLD OUT - >

A collector is willing to sell one at $750.00 framed

Print size is 16" x 24" unframed. The framed size is 25 1/4" by 33 1/4".

The collector's framing is in mint condition. They chose a very colorful double mat surrounded by a dark oak frame. The print is an artist proof #22/45

"Change of Seasons"

Katmai National Park in Southwest Alaska is a special place to me. I spent three months there many years ago while on assignment for a National Geographic story about grizzly bears.

Autumn is a magic time in Katmai; the air is crisp, the colors ablaze and food is plentiful. The bears, birds and smaller animals feast on easily caught sockeye salmon that have spawned and are dying.

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