Customer ratings for "IN HARM'S WAY"

Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 5
Awesome! Certainly the best picture I have ever owned.
from on 6/24/2018
I received this as a Christmas gift December 2017 and was speechless. My girlfriend knew of the gift prior to this and was apprehensive because our interior decor does not include any animals. When she actually laid her eyes on this gem, she was very impressed and welcomed the picture with a prime position in our living room. The picture was professionally framed in a dark hard mahogany and is unbelievable. Every person who has seen this is quite impressed and comments almost immediately upon initial view. Thank you Johnny! Your photography skills are absolutely unparallelled by any I have ever seen. Folks, this art, these photographs are simply the best!! Do yourself a favor and enhance your current art collection or start one with this picture.
One of the most awesome bear photos ever taken
from on 6/12/2015
I have had more compliments of this framed piece than any other photos we have, and we have several. The detail of the rocks coming off it's paws are incredible it reminds me of my days on Kodiak. Thank you Johnny!
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